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qware solutions

The goal of is to make things a bit better. A free and open spirit produces new thoughts which are sometimes different from common mainstream solutions. This will not be accepted by people always, but doesn't claim to have always right or it's the one and only truth. Most commonly people didn't get the ideas. will not try to turn the whole world into a better one - but a few things are on the way already:

eQmail (openqmail)

        A fork of djb'a famous qmail with some improvements and extensions.

qemu manager

        Virtualization is the way goes and qemu is the software of choice. As the official libvirt is oversized and much to complex we created a very simple suite of tools for x86_64 platforms.


        A distribution study which diverges heavily from the common Linux ecosystem.

dokuwiki tweaks

        The amazing dokuwiki is used by a lot of open source communities. Unfortunately they didn't spend much time to customize the design - thus the look is equal always. shows the easy way we used to customize and simplify our installations.

        A dynamic DNS service using http(s). DynDN.eS is NOT!

Last modified: 2022/10/24 10:34